The Deseret Home Improvements Story

Back in 1995, Richard Moses founded Deseret Home Improvements Ltd. Starting his career in the home renovation industry at the tender age of 17, he set up his business to provide ethical, high-quality home improvement services to clients throughout Halifax and Dartmouth.

The company flourished, mainly because folks loved the superior quality and workmanship that Richard and his crew provided. They also loved how he was totally and personally accountable for every aspect of every project that Deserets took on.

Having been part of many home renovation projects in his younger life, Richard’s son, Josh, eventually came on board. That made the company truly family-owned-and-operated. Assuming the title of General Manager of Operations, Josh supervises all of the work undertaken by Deserets. Like his father, he works diligently to maintain the company’s high standards of quality and ethical practices. Josh treats every project that the company takes on as if the work being done was to his own home, knowing that everyone wants to be treated fairly.

Over the years, Deserets has taken on projects as small as some drywall repair or a bathroom vanity replacement to entire top-to-bottom home renovations. However, the most common work done by the company are those that typically add exponential value to a home: kitchen and bathroom renovations, as well as basement developments.

About Us 1
Josh Moses, General Manager of Operations
Jacob Moses, Foreman
Jacob Moses, Foreman
Jacob and his family, with founder, Richard
Jacob and his family, with founder, Richard
Jacob Moses and his family
Jacob Moses and his family
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Jacob With His Dad in the Deseret Truck, c. 2018

What's in a Name?

We’ll let Richard, our company founder, explain:

“Our business’ name “Deseret” is derived from an ancient word for honey bee — and it’s a perfect fit for the style of company we run.

Everything from the integral beehive construction, to the busy bee work ethic, straight down to the amazing and sweet honey that is produced once the bees’ work is completed. All of these things are what you can come to expect from us. Hard working, phenomenal construction and craftsmanship, and the sweet feeling of getting exactly what you’ve paid for.

We believe these are the key elements to running an honest and reliable company and we live by them every day.”

Bee Mascot Head
Bee Mascot On Street